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May 13, 2022

Stuck On Getting Started? Check Out SkillUp’s Guide on Making a Career Change

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The current job market has seen a major shift in the last few years. Employers today are taking a closer look at skills over degrees. New roles are being created every month and employers need skilled workers to fill them!

Industries like healthcare, business, and technology have a huge demand for talent and roles to fill. We’ve seen a demand in the healthcare industry for talent and many of these roles only require short training or certification programs. The same applies to the business industry, and some of these certification programs can even be found through LinkedIn. And in the technology industry, required software programs can be learned through short, online trainings that do not require ANY previous experience. 

Online courses, certifications, and more!

There is a lot of information that exists about different learning programs and ways to gain certifications. You may be asking yourself—which ones are the best? It all depends on what you are looking for and what is the right fit for you. 

If you are looking for skills to add to your degree, SkillUp recommends taking shorter courses that teach you the fundamentals for an industry so you feel prepared to apply for an entry level position or junior role. 

If you are looking for a certification to add to your resume so you can feel confident to enter a new industry, we recommend a program that includes interview and job placement resources, in addition to training.. There are programs that help connect you to jobs and prepare you for interviews. These certification programs have up-to-date information and an inside look into the industry and can help prepare you for what happens after you complete your certification. 

So, what are the steps you need to take before you enroll in a certification or training program?

Step 1: What do you actually enjoy doing?

We know getting started can be overwhelming. There are so many industries and jobs that seem exciting, but at the same time, intimidating. The best way to get started is to figure out what you actually enjoy doing and taking inventory of your current skills. This will give you a glimpse into your strengths. If you perform well in certain skills, you are more likely to find happiness in a role where you can build on these strengths and areas. Check out our skills inventory from our partners at InsideTrack HERE

Step 2: What matches your interests?

Learn about the jobs that match your interests and are aligned with your core beliefs. This will also help you find out more about what industries or companies align with your values which will help you further in your job search. 

Step 3: Time to pick a training program

Now we can look at different training programs and see what the right fit is for you. Here are a few of SkillUp’s top picks by industry:


MedCerts - Electronic Health Records Specialist 


ClimbHire - Various Programs (Salesforce Admin, Google Project Management)


General Assembly Various Programs (Data Science, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics)

Also check out our Earn and Learn page that has partnerships with employers who are hiring NOW and offer learning benefits! And read more about what earn and learn is on our blog.

Step 4: Make a plan for success

Community is the key to success when changing careers. SkillUp has a variety of community resources such as career coaching or our Facebook group where you can talk to other people going through a career change and support one another directly. 

Step 5: Stay accountable 

Have a clear goal and stay accountable. Remember you are working towards a goal and goals take time to reach. Make sure you reflect on your progress and have a support system in place. Having a growth mindset can also motivate you to continue pursuing your dreams!

Learn more about SkillUp and our training catalog here.

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