No Degree? No Problem!

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Our nonprofit reviews careers, training, and jobs so you don't have to. We help you find the best jobs that don't require a degree and guide you from start to finish!

Who is SkillUp Coalition?

SkillUp Helps You Transition to a Better Career

Is SkillUp a nonprofit?

SkillUp Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We provide career resources with the support of our coalition partners.

Is SkillUp free to use?

Yes! SkillUp's platform is free to browse hundreds of training programs and career tools. Create a profile to apply to jobs and training programs.

What makes SkillUp different?

We review and only show career paths that don't require degrees and that can be trained for in less than 12 months for free or at an affordable cost.

Is there a SkillUp near me?

SkillUp is a nation-wide organization. We don't have physical offices, but we have 20+ location-specific sites, as well as fully-remote jobs and training programs.

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