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April 17, 2022

Earn While You Learn - Learn New Skills, Get a Paycheck, and Create Career Mobility

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Are you finding yourself getting caught up in your job and other obligations and not being able to work towards your dream career? SkillUp’s Earn and Learn employers are actively hiring for roles, and each employer offers learning as a benefit in their benefits package. Earn and Learn, or on-the-job learning, refers to a job training approach in which a worker is both “learning and earning” at the same time.

SkillUp has partnered with employers across the country who are looking to hire highly motivated people, connecting you to jobs that support career growth and new skills — either in the classroom or on the job. SkillUp is built to help people find in-demand jobs with good pay and benefits, and SkillUp’s Earn and Learn employers are committed to supporting their employees’ futures. 

Learn how you can grow your job skills while earning good pay and receiving full benefits on our website!

Benefits of On the Job Training and Learning

  • It provides opportunities for you to learn while meeting your expenses, saving you money and time.
  • Learning on the job exposes you to programs and skills that will help you gain career advancement.
  • It gives you hands-on experience and increases your confidence, preparing you for career advancement.

Learning as Part of a Benefits Package

What do learning benefits look like when they are part of an employer’s benefits package? Learning benefits can include continued education, professional development certifications, tuition reimbursement, mentorship programs, and more. Taking advantage of these benefits can help you grow your career and increase your confidence to take the next step! 

Jobs with programs that allow you to earn while you learn give you an opportunity to gain practical and relevant skills while making money. Advancing in your career by learning is one of the key pillars of career development within a company and throughout your entire career journey. 

Earning additional skills, certifications, and more while on the job can allow you to pursue high-growth roles in the future. Adding these additional skills to your resume shows that you value continuous learning, which is something many employers are looking for. 

Learn more about SkillUp and our training catalog here.

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