About SkillUp

SkillUp Coalition is a nonprofit that helps individuals secure high-opportunity employment. We focus on non-degree career pathways that provide livable wages and support the job-seeker from start to finish!

Who We Are

A Comprehensive Career Platform Built for Job Seekers

SkillUp is a nonprofit that enables job seekers to break into new careers regardless of their degree-holding status. We focus on careers that pay a living wage, feature high-quality trainings with low risk and high returns, and are dedicated to educating how to achieve promising career paths.

Our 100+ coalition partners are contributing time, energy, and resources to provide the best upskilling and career resources to workers across the county.

Discover Careers, Earn the Skills, Get the Job

Our Coalition is Making a Change

Our Mission

Provide a guided and supported path to ensure every worker has high-opportunity employment.

Our Promise

Help people discover their potential, determine their career destination, and get there faster and more confidently with SkillUp.

Our Vision

Every worker gains equity and dignity in the workforce through access to high-opportunity and quality employment.

Our Audience

Who We Serve

Have you heard the term STARs? It's what we call job-ready individuals who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes, as opposed to the traditional 4-year degree. Our goal is to empower STARs and other individuals to elevate their careers through coaching, training, and career development.

Our free career platform is also a great tool for:

High school grads looking to jumpstart their career quickly

Under- or unemployed individuals needing more job stability

Multi-passionate people wanting a career change

Anyone uncertain of a career and seeking guidance

Financial Transparency

We are committed to transparency and fiscal responsibility. Access copies of our latest financial reports.

Our Roots: The Future of Rapid Reskilling

It doesn't need to be a 4-year degree. Rapid reskilling could be 4 months.

SkillUp's Founder, Josh Jarrett, created a rapid skilling nonprofit, SkillUp, during the height of the 2020 pandemic aimed to help un- or underemployed individuals find fulfilling jobs. To accomplish this he asked - What are the right jobs? How do they get there? Where will they gain these new skills? That's where SkillUp's career platform comes in.