Earn and Learn Jobs

Grow job skills while earning good pay and benefits. Find careers without degree requirements that train you on the job or reimburse tuition and classes.

Gain Skills, Get Paid

Jumpstart your career with Earn and Learn jobs! These entry-level jobs require no experience, degrees, or certifications. Instead, you’ll learn the skills on the job while still earning a paycheck.

What exactly is an “Earn and Learn” job?
SkillUp only shares the Earn and Learn job opportunities that check the following boxes:

Provides on-the-job training, or, provides financial assistance for credentialing, training, or tuition

Does not require a degree

Is full-time and offers a livable wage with benefits

Requires no experience to some general work experience


What kind of roles or industries are Earn and Learn jobs?

SkillUp has identified five rapidly growing industries that align with our mission to help those without college degrees to land jobs with livable wages and growth opportunities. These five industries are Healthcare, Technology, Business, Skilled Trades, and Transportation & Logistics. The kinds of roles you may find while exploring job listing include:

-Administrative Assistants
-Builders or Installers
-Sales Consultants
-Marketing Assistants
-and many more!

Are Earn and Learn jobs remote?

You may find that there are very few remote Earn and Learn jobs. While we hope to see this category grow, we recognize that most on-the-job trainings are typically in-person.

SkillUp’s general job board is full of remote jobs that don’t require degrees, though require past training or experience. You can find several low-cost, short-term, and online trainings on our platform to help you qualify to apply to more remote jobs.

Do I need work experience or a resume to apply to Earn and Learn jobs?

Though some jobs require 1-2 years of general work experience, many of our employer partners offer jobs that require no experience at all. If you are asked for a resume as part of the application process, visit our resources section to find tips to help you create one.

I have work experience and skills. What jobs do you have for me?

If you already have work experience, job skills, or credentials in your desired field of work – we recommend you change your Job Level filter to “Gateway Jobs.”

SkillUp calls these jobs that require experience and credentials, but still no degree, “Gateway Jobs” because these opportunities should open doors for you towards career advancement and better wages.

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