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July 1, 2022

Layoff Toolkit: How To Gain Confidence, Gain Skills, And Put Your Best Foot Forward After A Layoff

Need a layoff toolkit? Going through a career transition can be challenging. You might feel like there are barriers to success, but SkillUp is here to help with training and other resources.

We know that being laid off can feel like a kick in the gut. It can be hard to regain confidence and motivation to continue onward onto the next job. We all spend so much time at work and invest much of ourselves into our jobs that when a job ends, it can feel like failure or rejection. The truth is, being laid off is not about us. It is a difficult decision most businesses need to make, especially with an ever-evolving economy. 

But this is also a chance to see what opportunities are out there for you! SkillUp is here to support you and help you navigate your career journey. Use our resources, tips, and community to put your best foot forward! 

  1. File for unemployment: In most states, it takes about two weeks to begin receiving unemployment benefits. The quicker you can file for unemployment,  the better. Make sure to check your state’s department of labor and employment for the exact documents you need for unemployment. Be ready to explain why you are out of work. In most states, you can file for unemployment online, but you may also be required to submit some information over the phone or in person. Don’t forget to file regularly and keep up with any other requirements your state has. When it comes to unemployment insurance, it is likely you will have to file a claim weekly or biweekly. To stay eligible, you should also be prepared to submit information about any additional eligibility requirements.
  2. Join a support group: SkillUp’s coaching community meets every week, and can help you stay motivated and gain confidence while you are transitioning careers. An additional organization we recommend is JVS. Not only do they have a quality course for job searching, but if you sign up for their newsletter, you can hear about opportunities to participate in mock interviews. 
  3. Work on your resume: Keeping your resume up to date is key during your job search. SkillUp has a variety of resume templates to help you create a strong resume that clearly highlights your skills and qualifications for future employers. Having a strong resume can be the ultimate way you stand out to future employers and what can get you to the first stage of the interview process!
  4. Create or update your LinkedIn account: LinkedIn hosts more than 600 million professional profiles, which means there is nearly an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities. If you haven’t created a LinkedIn account yet, this is a great opportunity in your career to do so! If you already have an existing LinkedIn account, you should update your profile to show that you are open for work. That will let recruiters and HR professionals from a variety of industries know that you are a potential employee! 
  5. Build a job search strategy: It’s important to keep a healthy balance during this transition period. Try not to spend more than 3-4 hours per day job searching, or whatever feels healthy for you. To avoid fatigue and burnout, it’s important to create structure in your day and set a healthy schedule of both productivity and rest time. 
  6. Practice self care: Rest time can include self care time. Continue to go for walks and spend time outside, listen to relaxing music, meditate, and read books. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive! 
  7. Learn new skills: A great use of time in between jobs is to learn new skills through training programs that are accessible from wherever you are. SkillUp’s training catalog has over 400 vetted and high-quality programs that you can filter by time, cost, salary, location, and more. Use these training programs to help you find jobs in high-growth and in-demand industries. Create a free account to explore and learn more! And if you need employment immediately, check out SkillUp’s Earn and Learn employer page. Our partners are actively hiring, and as part of their benefit package, they offer learning benefits such as tuition reimbursement and job training programs. Through Earn and Learn jobs, you will have the opportunity to gain on the job training and grow your skills. 
  8. Refresh your interview skills: SkillUp’s guide for decoding difficult questions and our guide for feeling prepared for an interview will help you gain confidence! Practice interview questions with your family and friends and consider signing up for mock interviews. 

Going through a career transition can be challenging. You might feel like there are barriers to success, but SkillUp is here to help with training and other resources. Our community of experts and workers can help motivate you to keep going while navigating your career journey!

Social Caption: Being laid off can feel demotivating, but know that this is out of your control as companies have to make difficult decisions based on the ever-evolving economy. SkillUp’s Layoff Toolkit can help you feel confident, stay motivated, and continue a productive job search!

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