May 13, 2022

Ace The Interview: 5 Tips To Feel Confident In Any Interview

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Congratulations! You’ve perfected new skills, wrote an amazing job application, applied for a great opportunity, and the employer decided to move forward with your application. You now have one last hurdle: the job interview.

SkillUp’s top 5 tips on how to ace any interview will help you feel confident and prepared. We understand that nerves are  normal - but these tips will help you feel ready! Feeling prepared before an interview is the most important part of having confidence. Read our tips below before your next interview!

1 - Learn about the STAR method

The STAR method stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. When you are asked questions during an interview, it can be tempting to give a lengthy answer with a lot of detail. However, it is best to stay on task and keep the interview moving forward. Before the interview, write down stories using the STAR method that can help answer some of the following example questions: 

  • Tell us about a time when you had to handle a difficult project at work.
  • How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?
  • How has your experience prepared you for this position?

2 - Practice makes perfect

Before your interview, make sure to prepare your answers and practice them! See if your friends and family can help you practice. Also consider signing up for mock interviews in your community! Many websites offer mock interviews, including when you sign up for their newsletter here.

3 - Ask questions at the end

Being prepared for the interview also means having a list of questions to ask at the end of the interview about the role, the company, and the culture. Interviewers love seeing candidates who are both prepared and curious. Plus, remember that interviews work both ways! Asking the right questions can help you decide if the position and company are the right fit for you. Some example questions include:

  • What are the biggest challenges of this job?
  • Are there opportunities for training and progression within the role/company?
  • Where do you think the company is headed in the next five years?

4 - Breathe, breathe, breathe

Practicing deep breathing before your interview can help settle your nerves and get you in the right headspace. Take three deep breaths in and exhale out—repeat five times. Taking deep breaths will help you relax, so practice this technique while you are waiting to log on to a virtual meeting, or even if you are sitting in the lobby before you are greeted. 

5 - Do your homework!

Make sure you are not only prepared to answer any questions that may come up, but that you know as much as possible about the organization. Read through the job description to make sure you understand the entire scope of the role you are interviewing for. Use the company’s website as a resource to know more about their values and company culture. Look up the hiring manager and learn more about their experience. All of this information will make you feel more prepared, confident, and will show the interviewer that you are excited about this job!

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