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May 28, 2024

Twannetta’s Career Corner: How Can I Find A Job In Today’s Market

Twannetta is a SkillUp Advocate who previously used our platform to upskill herself and navigate her next career. This series explores career tips and resources from a fellow job seeker!

Twannetta is a SkillUp Advocate who previously used our platform to upskill herself and navigate her next career. She is currently the Senior Process Excellence & Business Support Consultant with Allstate, Founder of A Better You by Twannetta, LLC, and on the Board of Directors for Florida Native Plant Society Pine Lily Chapter, Inc. Learn more about Twannetta’s journey with SkillUp and connect with her on LinkedIn!

Twannetta's Corner Blog: How Can I Find A Job

Are you in the job market after experiencing an unexpected layoff? You may even feel some unresolved pressure wondering why you were laid off. As a professional who has experienced layoffs a few times in my life, I understand the fears and questions that may come to mind. You may be wondering “how can I find a job in today’s market” and with good reason. A recent jobs report released back in February 2024 mentioned that the U.S. jobs market was hot. However, the market has shown signs of cooling off. So where does this leave you? Although there are many jobs available in the market, employers have shown signs of reducing the number of positions they are actively looking to fill. There is hope! I have found that even in a tight job market there are many opportunities to rise to the top of the applicant pool. Let’s explore tried and true methods to help you land a new job.

Stay Positive Through The Layoff

Staying positive through a layoff is the key that will open future doors for you. Experiencing an unexpected layoff is no fun. However, if you have been in the workforce for a while, you know that layoffs are all too common. Often, companies lay off employees as a last resort when they are experiencing a downturn. Keeping a positive outlook and having a plan in place to find a new job will help you get through the tough moments when frustration rears its ugly head.

Remember not to blame yourself. Instead, focus on a positive thing you can do for yourself, such as gaining a new skill! Research what skills employers want and make a plan to obtain those skills. For example, if your current skill set lacks AI (artificial intelligence) and you notice that employers are looking for candidates that have some AI experience, dive into some free courses. You don’t need to be an expert; however, showing an employer that you are willing to learn can make a difference during the recruitment process.

Another positive activity to embrace is gratitude. Sure, you may be in the market for a new job but that doesn’t mean you should not express gratitude to yourself and others in your life for all that you have. Being thankful in advance will help prepare you for your next opportunity.

Resume 101: Display Your Skills

Displaying your valuable skills within your resume is going to be the main tool in your toolbox. You will want to ensure your resume is job application-ready, recruiter-ready, and interview-ready. If you have not dusted off your resume by now it is high time that you do. You will want to include an array of skills that you have acquired over the years and are prepared to discuss when you land an interview. Getting your resume past the applicant tracking system (ATS ) will be key to landing an interview. If the job description is looking for a candidate that has experience with project management, for example, on your resume you should include skills that display your project management experience. If you do not have the relevant skills that a job posting is looking for, there may be an opportunity to highlight transferable skills that complement what recruiters want.

If you are wondering what skills you should include, some of the most sought-after skills recruiters want to see are:

  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership of oneself as well as being part of a team
  • Communication

These skills display your ability to contribute to big ideas and follow through within a team setting. Bonus points – if you have great problem-solving and management skills, you may be closer to your next job offer than you think! Do you need help updating your long-forgotten resume? Lucky for you there are many resume resources available online. One resume resource that I have seen job seekers use and have success with is LiveCareer. As you build out your resume, be sure to tailor it to the job you are applying for. This means that as you edit your resume ensure you include relevant skills from the job posting into your resume. Need a little guidance on how to list skills on your resume? Check out our blog "Top Skills for Your Resume: How to Stand Out in the Job Hunt".

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is the fuel to keep going every day in search of the next opportunity. We spoke about maintaining positivity as part of your toolbelt earlier but so is staying motivated. A great way to keep up the momentum is spending some time reading about the industry you are interested in joining, attending job fairs in your community, and staying on top of relevant news in your chosen career. Doing your own research on a company you are curious about can help you stay motivated. Learn about their mission, read about the challenges they are facing, and take note of recent successes they have achieved. Knowing more about the companies you desire to join will impress the hiring manager and will help you gain confidence.

Additionally, Indeed has a great blog on ways to stay motivated and tips along the way. Seek out online forums like LinkedIn that can help you stay up to date on company events and initiatives. Whether you choose to visit their Facebook page, read up on any press releases, or simply visit their website, you are bound to learn more. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile visit LinkedIn to get started with building one.

Build Your Community

Building community with intentionality is one of the best ways to get back in the game with your job search journey. At any given time, there are thousands of job seekers looking for their next career move. Today’s job market is full of job seekers of all ages, backgrounds, education levels, experience, and interests. Connecting with fellow job seekers may help foster an environment of camaraderie, learning, and support. Also, finding a community with job seeker support services like SkillUp Career Coaching is a great way to talk to career coaches and other job seekers about challenges in the job market. SkillUp’s Instagram has also cultivated a community for career tips and resources for job seekers. Building community while creating a plan of action will serve you well and help you land your next exciting career opportunity.

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Take on The Job Market with Confidence

Understanding how to navigate the job market is just as important as knowing how to successfully interview with a hiring manager. Persistence is key to finding a great job. Be intentional with how you search for your next job by maintaining a high level of positivity. Don’t be afraid to display your skills on your resume and any online job boards. After all, who will know what relevant skills you have if you don’t make it known? Keep your motivation going by engaging in activities that inspire your career interests like following your favorite companies online and learning more about them. Get involved in career development support if you need help with crafting a resume or talking about your career prospects. Last but certainly not least, apply for the jobs that you are interested in where you feel you can add value. Need some help? Check out SkillUp resources to search for career and training opportunities to match your career interests. Go for it!

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