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Pivoting Careers Through Upskilling: Twannetta's Story

You Don’t Have to Go at it Alone

When the pandemic hit, Twannetta Weaver was a rising star in the hospitality industry, on track for a Director position at her organization. While she’d been considering a career change before the pandemic, the unprecedented circumstances placed urgency on the change. Her position was eliminated, and her career aspirations were abruptly interrupted. “I instantly saw all of the things that can go wrong in your life. As the primary breadwinner for my household, I suddenly worried about basics: housing, transportation, food…everything.” One thing became clear to Twannetta: she wanted to change career paths, quickly but also thoughtfully. “I knew I needed to build on my strengths, but it was difficult to know where to begin.”

Time for a Career Change

That’s when she learned about SkillUp. Twannetta already had a passion for, and experience in, marketing, but without a degree, she found positions were hard to come by. “I knew I needed to start a new chapter, but I also knew I could build on the skills I already had, rather than starting over.” SkillUp helped connect Twannetta with courses and trainings at nearby Seminole State College, one of four colleges working with SkillUp in central Florida. Within three months, her passion turned into two certifications: one in content and digital marketing, and one in business management. Ongoing engagement with the SkillUp team—regular workshops, coaching, and peer-to-peer connections—further shaped her path. “At every step of this journey, everyone I’ve encountered at SkillUp has believed in me. They’re tireless in their communication and support, and have always made sure I feel included and my voice is heard.”

SkillUp Partners with You on Your Path

Twannetta describes the range of SkillUp support as everything from skills and career exploration to workshops preparing you for interviews and helping you align your personal brand and values with the right kinds of employers and career opportunities.
Twannetta also had the chance to interact with SkillUp leadership, board and philanthropists, and each opportunity helped to propel her path forward. “Everything I needed was made available to me with SkillUp. And most importantly, I was surrounded by people who believed in my potential. With the support of this organization, I realized the gift of marketing that was already inside of me.”

Continuing to Pay it Forward

Twannetta is currently on the President’s list with a 4.0 GPA. She’s continuing to round out her degree, applying her learning in real-time via an internship with the Florida Native Plant Society, and serving as a SkillUp advisor and coach to peers starting or continuing their journeys. “I love the idea of paying things forward, philanthropically and as a coach to others.” Her advice to others considering a career change? You don’t need all the answers! “You don’t have to know exactly where you’re going or see every step to get there—that’s what SkillUp helps with. Sometimes you just need to find what lights you up, what inspires you, and point in that direction. With the right help, support and encouragement, you’ll get where you’re meant to go. It’s kind of like reverse engineering. Set a goal, and make it into reality. That’s what SkillUp has helped me do!”

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