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SkillUp Helps Jacoby Navigate The Remote Work Landscape

“This Is Who I Am, This Is What I Bring”

Meet Jacoby, a professional hailing from Rochester, New York. Juggling degrees in healthcare and psychology, he wanted to shift his career into UI and UX design. Facing the need for diversified skills in the competitive remote work landscape, Jacoby struggled with challenges in his personal identity affecting his professional history.

Jacoby found the ultimate solution in SkillUp, a one-stop shop for training and jobs. Using the platform's resources, he refined his resume and crafted a clear path to his career goal. SkillUp offered scalable training resources, from webinars to career coaching, aiding Jacoby's professional development. An extensive job listing portfolio opened new doors.

SkillUp's versatile resources not only equipped Jacoby with the desired skills but also provided job access, contributing to his overall professional development. Gain insights into his clarified career path, increased confidence, and expanded network through SkillUp's webinars.

There are so many free things—SkillUp, for example, it’s free. It’s a resource that exists that you can use even if you’re at your lowest point.

Hi, I’m Jacoby, and I’m located in Rochester, NY. I’m currently working on a degree toward healthcare and psychology, and I’m also working in UI and UX design.
Trying to find a job, it has been really challenging over the past several years. I’ve been working remotely for like 10 years, so it’s hard because there is so much competition. There are so many people who want to be at home and work remotely.
With SkillUp, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of training available, and they offer remote training opportunities. Right now, I’m in a community health program, and I am also in a UI/UX design certificate program. They’ve really expanded the jobs section on SkillUp’s website, and I’ve seen a ton of different opportunities that are really starting to get more advanced.
As a trans man, I have about three and a half years of experience writing for a home and garden website, but when I started with them, I hadn’t started medically transitioning. I’ve actually been rejected from several jobs despite the fact that I have more experience than a lot of people in this field.
Starting to recognize your value, what you’re capable of—it’s a skill that I have had to develop to actually be able to articulate my worth in a different way. That’s something that I think has helped me to get more confident as I go forward this way. This is who I am, this is what I bring, this is why you want me. So it really does help you to be more prepared.
Looking at what’s available on the SkillUp website, I’ve been able to kind of extrapolate that further and look for different trainings. They offer so many different interactions with people that really help you sort of redesign yourself to feel good about where you’re going. I can honestly say to other people that it’s a resource that’s worth looking into.

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