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Sherry C: SkillUp Success Story on Working Remote

Sherry shares how SkillUp has helped her advance her career in healthcare while working remotely.

“A Wealth of Opportunities”

Struggling to find your footing while working remotely? SkillUp can help! Watch Sherry Cheng, a Protocol Review Monitoring Unit Coordinator at NYU Langone Health, share her inspiring story of how SkillUp boosted her confidence, helped her build connections with colleagues despite working remotely, and equipped her with valuable resources and workshops to discover new skills and unlock exciting career possibilities – all through a user-friendly learning platform.

Since starting SkillUp, I found myself to be a lot more knowledgeable about the strategies to attain new skills as well as the resources to find new skills.
My name is Sherry Chen. Currently, I am the protocol Review monitoring unit coordinator at New York University Langone Health. I am part of their mission to improve roof UH healthcare solutions where clinical trials are being developed at the university to discover new treatment options for patients.
Before SkillUp, I was not very knowledgeable about self-confidence and building connections with other people, especially when working remote. Through SkillUp, I discovered a variety of resources and articles on their site to help me with my specific career challenges.. SkillUp blogs are easy to read, concise, and to the point. The website is very easy to navigate, especially after a long day of working.
I think it's important for an individual to find easy-to-follow resources. I really like the workshops that are offered. These workshops are useful to the extent that I connect with others who may experience the same struggles that I do and get the resources that are available via the program.
These resources really helped me to know more about building social connections as well as being able to build self-confidence while working remote. They're very useful in my day-to-day responsibility. SkillUp gave me the opportunity to see another set of skills that I can hold on to while pursuing a different role. So there could be a wealth of opportunities out there in addition to my current role, and that opportunity could lead me to see an entirely different world.

Find a New Career Path

Sherry, thank you for sharing your story! Your journey is an inspiration for us to continue pushing boundaries and creating opportunities for many more.

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