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Gaining Career Skills To Make Yourself Marketable: Eric's Story

Your Career Is In Your Control

Without a traditional degree, Eric Torres struggled to find his place in the robust Los Angeles job market. He connected with Merit America, a SkillUp training partner and part of the local partnership known as SkillUp Los Angeles. SkillUp helps Los Angeles, California job seekers to local training programs, local employers, and L.A.-based resources to ensure they are guided and supported towards high-quality, high-growth jobs in the area. The localized partnership also allows individuals to receive a $1,000 scholarship through the SkillUp Together Fund and select training partners, like Merit America (this is no longer offered through SkillUp but our training partners have a variety of similar financial aid options). In addition to receiving a $1,000 SkillUp Together Fund scholarship, Eric could access job and resume tools, weekly career coaching, and other local workforce resources to better prepare him for the job market upon graduation from Merit America. He used these tools to help land an IT Specialist Job immediately upon completion of his certification.

Finding The Perfect Role

Though he landed a job upon graduation, Eric quickly realized that the initial job he attained upon finishing his certification was not suited for him as there was a disconnect between his values, long-term career goals, and the actual role. Leveraging negotiation skills and interview tips that he learned through LevelUp Los Angeles, Eric eventually found a company that gave him both the financial and confidence gains he hoped for in building this career. Additionally, this job was also an IT Specialist role where Eric could utilize the skills he learned in his training program.

SkillUp Los Angeles aims to help workers feel prepared and confident throughout their career journey. Eric learned skills to help him obtain a job that was right for him when he realized he needed to take a different path. Having confidence is a skill in itself and knowing that you can always change paths confidently, are skills that Eric gained through LevelUp Los Angeles.

A career is a journey and finding the job that suits your personality, makes you happy, and brings you financial security is no small feat. LevelUp Los Angeles is dedicated to helping build career confidence because those skills will last a lifetime.

Confidence Is A Valuable Skill

Eric’s training program taught him lifelong skills in marketing himself and gave him the confidence needed to transition to finding the job best suited for him. He learned how confidence is built on having a support network and valuable resources.

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