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From Teachers Assisting to Tech

Making The Shift

Before discovering Per Scholas, Jane was a teacher's assistant planning on becoming a nurse. However, Jane wasn't sure she wanted to be in the healthcare field. From taking computer science in high school Jane was familiar with HTML code and configuring her laptop, and that inspired a search for training.

A Career That Works For Jane

Jane knew the traditional college route was not for her because of the increasing costs and uncertainty of job security after completing college. She wanted a path that gave her experience and could fast-track her career. Jane chose a certification program for two key reasons: 1) it was free, and 2) it was self-paced. Jane completed a full-time, twelve-week online course through Per Scholas.

Once she completed her program, she was able to meet with a career coach to receive help with interviews and her resume. Jane also met with a financial coach who connected her to SkillUp. Her program not only taught the skills she craved in tech, but also helped propel her through full wraparound support, which is crucial when you are looking for your next role.
Per Scholas was a fit for Jane because they help train people without technical experience to change their career paths and gain basic knowledge of IT fundamentals, troubleshooting hardware and software, and all other skills needed for an IT support role, as well as learning valuable interviewing and networking skills.

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