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Finding My Career Path with SkillUp - Stephanie Alto

“You Can Find Real Opportunities”

Meet Stephanie, a mother from New Jersey. Stephanie wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and go into the IT industry. However, she needed her training to be both flexible and affordable so she could spend time with her daughter but still pursue a rewarding career. With SkillUp, Stephanie didn’t have to worry about scammy programs with suspicious credentials—instead, she easily found a program that was legitimate and, best of all, FREE!

Learn how SkillUp gave Stephanie the skills and confidence to pursue her dreams with a program she could trust.

Without SkillUp, I wouldn’t be pursuing IT. But with SkillUp, I’m able to do something completely different and, you know, reach my goals.
My name is Stephanie Alto, I’m from New Jersey, and I’ve been with SkillUp for the past four months. I was looking for something that didn’t require that much time to complete but also gave me the skills that I needed to switch careers. What attracted me to SkillUp was you can really find all these different jobs, all these opportunities, and you don’t have to guess, “Is this a real opportunity?”
Their website is very user-friendly, which I really like. I went to the search bar, and I started looking for different IT support trainings—and they have plenty, actually. I’m doing the CompTIA A+ certification. What attracted me to the one that I’m doing now is that it was free, and I was like, “Free training! That’s interesting.” You get the experience, you get the training, and you get your certification.
I got interested in pursuing IT because of my dad. He truly inspired me. He has worked in IT for the past 30 years. He’s been doing this for a long time, and I love the concept that you end up doing different things in IT, you never do one thing, and you can work remotely and you can work in person.
One of my top reasons is my daughter, for sure. I like to have the flexibility to be with her whenever possible, and I know that working remotely is going to give me that opportunity. There is a little checkmark that you can click on and then you find all the remote opportunities that they have. I realized that they have more remote jobs now than before.
I would recommend SkillUp to others who are interested in remote work. You find real opportunities.

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