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Finding a Path in Tech without a Tech Background

SkillUp Will Help You Find Your Way

Samia Moin knew that it was time to make a career pivot. Every time a technical or IT issue came up, Samia found herself troubleshooting and solving it. She was drawn to technology, and even with a background in the arts and sciences (and an Associate’s Degree), Samia soon discovered that technology was her natural calling. But earning the IT training she needed to make a career of it—that’s where she needed help. “I knew what I needed to do was tap into my passion which is technology, but I didn’t know what kind of technical careers were available to me.”

Build Upon Your Innate Skills

It was through social media that Samia found out about SkillUp. It was the resource she needed to help her build on her skills. Samia knew she needed a shorter path to reach her career aspirations and achieve her goals. This drive and determination helped her hone in on SkillUp’s resume writing and interview workshops. “I knew I needed to be prepared and ready to have the kind of career I wanted. Being in a group setting with my peers helped me to get out of my comfort zone and feel more comfortable and confident in myself.” SkillUp’s workshops, resources, and peer-to-peer connections helped Samia build her communication and writing skills and find the right training programs that aligned with her passion—technology.

SkillUp Gives You A Runway To A New Career

Samia found SkillUp when she was looking for tools and resources. “SkillUp has shown me how to leverage the skills I already had so that I can find the right IT career for me.” With the help of SkillUp, Samia connected with Merit America, an IT training program that offers IT, Java, and data courses you can do at your own pace. Merit America is part of the SkillUp together Fund—a SkillUp-run program that offered $1,000 grants to workers like Samia (this grant is no longer available, but our platform offers a variety of financial support resources). This grant provides financial support that Samia can use toward her IT career. Not only did SkillUp provide Samia with the funding and training she was looking for, SkillUp gave her a chance to receive customized career coaching through a Career Builder Cohort. This cohort has served as an opportunity for Samia to share her voice and provide product and marketing feedback to make SkillUp’s offerings and tools even better. As for what’s next, once Samia finishes her IT training, she’ll enter the job placement phase of the program, which she couldn’t be more excited about. She already has one certificate in hand—a Google IT Support Professional Certificate—and is currently working on receiving two more for Microsoft programs.

Look Forward To What’s Ahead

When Samia thinks about her future and what her life will look like, she’s more optimistic than ever before. “With SkillUp, I saw a change in my persistence level, and I’m even more motivated now to keep going and pursue an IT path. Since I can remember, I’ve been my family’s go-to IT person helping them solve technical issues. There’s also so much growth in IT, and it’s a career that will benefit my family and me.”

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