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Building Career Confidence Skills & Switching Industries

Tap Into The Potential Within You

Darvis Pridgeon was always interested in the IT field, but with a diverse career background, he wasn’t sure how to best switch to the tech industry.

“I’ve worked in many different fields and industries, including food and beverage, sports and entertainment, and mechanical engineering. Having received my Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, I thought that was the career path I wanted to pursue. However, I didn’t get to do an internship which is vital if you want to work in the manufacturing engineering field. While I was excited about the potential to be an engineer, it didn’t pan out as I’d hoped. I knew I needed to focus on a new goal, and that was IT.”

Darvis took the initiative and worked in data support roles, helping with various apps and live chat platforms. With his mind set on becoming a data analyst, he knew he needed the right support system to help him achieve his goal.

Look At What You’re Working Toward

SkillUp emerged as Darvis searched for different roles and opportunities within the tech industry.

I was on the hunt for resources when I found SkillUp, and it helped me find career opportunities, employer connections, and even apprenticeships. Having a family, the most important thing for me is creating a work-life balance. And SkillUp has shown me how to find the right opportunity at the right time.”

Not only that, but SkillUp helped Darvis to hone in on areas where he wanted to improve, like networking and how to present his best self to employers. With the help of SkillUp’s virtual group coaching supports, he found the accountability he needed.

Being part of a community of workers and hearing their unique and diverse perspectives on career development gave Darvis hope for the future.

Learn How To Upskill Your Way In Your Career

SkillUp has been instrumental in Darvis’ path towards becoming a data analyst.

Darvis recently received an Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification and is currently working towards getting an Associate Python Programming Certification. Darvis is looking forward to his future in tech and all that’s possible for him. “Learning how to upskill myself, hearing different perspectives from my family, peers, and coaches, and networking have helped move me towards the right path.”

It’s Never Too Late To Try Something New

When Darvis reflects on how far he has come, he’s most grateful for the new perspective he’s gained on skill-building and how all of his skills go hand in hand.

“I’m excited to get into the data analytics field and continue to build my skills. There are so many different opportunities in tech, including software development, game design, visualizations, and AI. I want to continue tapping into the potential I have within me and around me and continue to put all of the pieces together.”

For those individuals who are looking to make a change or skill up their careers, Darvis suggests, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learn how to present your skills and show how you’re a valuable asset to any company. And don’t forget to put in the work, keep pushing forward, and keep positive.”

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