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Breaking Into Tech Through 12 Weeks of Training

Ready For A Career Change

Cameile wanted her next career chapter to be doing something that she felt truly passionate about and that brought her purpose. She always loved computers and working on new gadgets and craved an environment where she could let her talents shine and work around like-minded individuals with the same mentality.

Building Confidence And Making The Shift

Cameile decided to make a change and push her career to the next level by signing up for a career training certification program. She joined the IT support program at Per Scholas, a program that connected her to SkillUp. Cameile knew she needed to boost her confidence and SkillUp gave her the skills to feel confident in her career transition. SkillUp connects workers to career training and tools and resources to help anyone needing career support and a confidence boost.

Cameile participated in a twelve-week program from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Luckily, she was able to complete her program remotely. Cameile devoted her evenings to studying for quizzes, adequately familiarizing herself with the material, and preparing for the final exam so she would reach her goal.
Although the situation was intimidating, and signing up for a career training program can be daunting, it was worth it for Cameile. Once she put in the time and effort, she saw the results. Not only that, she received support from SkillUp and Per Scholas and was able to finish successfully.

Learning new skills is important for continued career growth, and so is gaining career confidence. Programs like Cameile’s empower people with no previous experience to break into new industries and gain the confidence to be successful in making that shift.

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