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February 12, 2023

What You Need To Know: 10 Valuable Skills To Learn in 2023

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Universal Skills, Universal Careers

Listen up! This is the time of year we reflect on our past accomplishments while setting sights on goals to accomplish for the remainder of the year, sometimes without doing a valuable skills inventory. If you are thinking about searching for a new job, having highly sought after universal skills can give you an advantage when applying and interviewing for positions. While technical skills allow you to show how to do a job, for example, the steps to code software. Soft skills demonstrate how well you do your job and how you interact and impact with others while doing it. Soft skills that are invaluable to an employer can sometimes be a little tricky to uncover. The ability to demonstrate competency in soft skill sets will serve you well in most any industry.

So…What Skills Do You Need?

 According to recruiters, hiring managers and career experts a job candidate will need more universal soft skills that can be built upon vs technical skills alone. For example, in the top 10 skills to learn in 2023 communication ranks high on the list. Possessing great communication skills – whether verbal or written will reflect how well you can get your point across to your leaders, peers, and customers. Another valuable skill is time management.

Being able to manage your time whether it is for a special project, brainstorming new ideas with your team, or just getting to work on time, exhibiting time management is crucial for success in any role. Which brings me to the next important skill to develop - adaptability. Working in an ever-changing environment is almost guaranteed and having the ability to remain adaptable to shifting priorities will support your organization to be successful.

Teamwork is an important skill to harness because it reflects your ability to contribute to a group effort to get a task, project or goal completed within a team environment. Creativity allows for diversity in thought processes and out-of-the box thinking, another skill that will serve you well in any job tackling tough problems. Speaking of problems, being able to problem solve is a game changer. Imagine being able to recognize a problem that is costing your prospective company money, and then you propose a solution to solve it – can we say you’re hired!

But wait…there’s more!

 Ever heard the phrase being able to read the room? If not, that phrase simply refers to having emotional intelligence. Knowing how to respond to situations appropriately in the workplace while remaining professional is key. Possessing a stellar work ethic will open doors for you in any industry. Being able to deliver attention to detail in any work assignment will save you time, save the company money and will impress most any employer. The final however certainly not the least desired skill employers are looking for in candidates is ownership. Taking ownership of your work and owning the outcomes – even when things don’t go as planned reflects character and a willingness to have a stake in your company’s success.

Bringing It All Together
Possessing valuable universal skills will provide countless opportunities for you. Polishing those skills will help you land a great career whether in your existing industry or in a new industry that you may be interested in pursuing. If you are interested in more career inspiration visit our Explore page for more information on exciting career opportunities available.

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