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April 17, 2023

How to Build Your Career Support System?

Have you ever wondered what you can do to build your career support system? Skillup provides you with this guide to building your own!

Have you ever wondered what you can do to build your career support system? Did you know that building a career support system is a terrific way to prepare yourself for future career growth and experiences? Having a plan in place to build your very own career support system can provide you with a solid foundation in the event of unexpected job loss and guidance for future roles you may be interested in attaining. A career support system helps you nurture your social capital connections which may in turn open doors for you. Check out the five tips below to consider as you begin creating a career support system that you can feel good about.

It is Not What You Know, it is Who You Know

It is not what you know, it is who you know and knowing the right people can make all the difference when preparing your career support system. Do you have interesting people in your network that you have not spoken to in a while? Think about your prior classmates, prior teachers and instructors, prior work colleagues and leaders in your community. Are any of these people in your career support system? One of the best ways to enhance your career support system is including people that you respect, admire, and already have a relationship to build upon.

Networking Events

It is common to turn down networking events especially when they conflict with after work down time and exciting weekend plans. However, there will be times when you will need to accept the invitation to a networking event and show up. Networking events are often less formal than company sponsored dinners and allow you the opportunity to laugh, build rapport and share conversations that may not ordinarily happen during the normal course of business.

Your Work Colleagues

The average person spends over 40 hours a week with work colleagues. Often your work colleagues have keen insights into your work habits, your work personality, and various projects that you have excelled in under pressure. For these reasons stay connected with your former colleagues. They can function as character witnesses when the need arises and can be reliable sources when you need encouragement or a reality check before accepting a new role. If you are unsure who to select, try searching for your prior colleagues on social media, review your cell phone contacts or any prior emails exchanged. Set up time to meet and reconnect, over coffee.

LinkedIn is a Treasure

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of opportunities and potential connections just waiting to be explored. Ever heard the old saying, “success happens when opportunity meets preparation”? It is no secret that taking the time to build a solid LinkedIn profile has afforded many jobseekers and networkers access to informational interviews, invites to LinkedIn sponsored professional events and even interest from recruiters who are looking to fill positions. Search up potential connections in LinkedIn, view their profiles and request to set up informational interviews to introduce yourself, learn more about them and their professional backgrounds. While it makes sense to search out professionals in the industries that you are most interested in pursuing, making connections in general can be advantageous.

One-on-one career coaching is a sure way to build career support. With career coaching, you can discuss your career plans with your coach, listen to ideas and strategies to help you execute your career plans while having someone available to provide a different perspective. Your career coach can challenge you, help you with mock interviews, provide you with resume support and hold you accountable. Having a career coach in your corner is a great addition to your overall career support system. SkillUp offers one- on-one career advisors and group career coaching sessions. If you are interested in career coaching support, help to build your personal social capital and more, head on over to SkillUp.

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