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July 28, 2023

The Path to Profit: Leveraging Training for Freelance Work

Becoming a freelancer could be your ticket to entering into a remote career. Learn more about how to become a freelance worker in this blog.

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Remote work is in its boom time within the world of work and workplace culture. If you have ever wanted to tap into remote work, there are many ways to do it. One way that perhaps you may not have considered yet involves becoming a freelancer. While many gig workers are out there driving around replacing traditional taxi and meal delivery services, there are so many other freelance roles that are in demand and could be your next big opportunity! SkillUp’s Remote Work catalog can be your trusty companion to use as a resource to help you research freelance roles and the training requirements to set you up for success.

What is freelance work anyway?

According to freelancers take on work projects as contractors or self-employed individuals. When the client or company is satisfied with the work produced by the freelancer, often the freelancer can expect to be offered future opportunities to work on projects and perhaps for more pay. Freelancing can be a great way to supplement your income and build experience in your chosen remote skill.

Types of freelance roles that you may have heard of before are:

Web designer or web developer

Graphic designers


Virtual assistants

Social media specialists

Content developers



Freelancers may have one main project at one company or may have several projects spread amongst several different companies. Freelancers can remain flexible in how they offer their skills and services to companies who need their expertise. Also note, freelancers have control over the hours they agree to commit to a particular project. Keep in mind, because freelancers are not employed by a specific company, they do not typically participate in company sponsored benefits. However, there are opportunities to negotiate your pay for the projects you work on or the types of services you provide. If you enjoy more autonomy and the challenge to build a portfolio of work across diverse markets and clients, freelancing may be a great alternative to a traditional employee vs. company relationship.

What steps do I need to take to prepare for the world of freelance work?

Entering the world of freelance work all starts with preparation, research, and resources. SkillUp offers a remote only jobs catalog that provides valuable insights on remote only jobs in your community or across the US. Pro tip: use the remote only jobs catalog to narrow down the type of freelance work you may be interested in pursuing. Once you have determined what remote/freelance roles pique your interests you can begin to take steps to enhance your training in that area. Voila! Once you have the necessary training you should pursue freelance gigs to supplement your income or if you are really motivated, you can pursue freelance work full time!

Why is freelance work valuable to you and to prospective companies?As a freelancer you will gain invaluable experience to many prospective companies, most likely across various industries, making you a diverse candidate. While the benefits of freelancing may outweigh any negatives it is always a great idea to consider how being a freelancer may impact your overall career strategy. Companies may not always have the overhead available to afford to hire a full-time employee. A freelancer may be a more affordable option to work on important company initiatives ultimately creating a win-win scenario for you and the company! If you are motivated to take the step towards freelance work and you desire some support, connect with us during one of our free group career coaching sessions.

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