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May 16, 2023

The Benefits of a Positive Work Culture: A Comprehensive Guide

You need to work in a positive work culture. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you land the work culture you deserve.

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The benefits of a positive work culture cannot be understated. A positive work culture is where the rubber meets the road in an organization displaying, emulating, and living out loud what their mission statement reflects, how they choose to show up in the business world and how their employees, customers and subsidiaries reflect the spirit of the work the organization is trying to convey. Whew, what a mouthful! Positive work culture has been a huge discussion point for the past ten years, especially post pandemic. Many career seekers are concerned about whether the employer they choose to work for will fit in to their established or expected culture. This is for good reason. Imagine working for a company that does not care for their employees. If you’re wondering how a company would act to reflect care, it largely depends on what employees would consider as caring actions that are made available to them, also better known as benefits. Let’s explore what benefits are and how they contribute to your overall experience as an employee.

Why Should You Work for Them?

Companies offer value propositions known as benefits, to jobseekers to express why you should work for them. But have you ever considered what benefits are ideal to influence your decision to apply and/or accept a job offer? If so, you are in good company. According to jobseekers are increasingly turning down jobs that don’t fit their idea of what a great work culture should feel like. Even still, some employees will accept a job and quit within the first 30 days if the culture does not match their expectations. So, what does a positive work culture look like anyway? How do you know if you are working in a positive work culture? What should you do to avoid wasting your time with a company that does not meet your work culture expectations?

Positive Vibes Only!

You deserve positive vibes only! It is important to research the work culture of your future employers. Positive company cultures tend to support the following employee needs:

Recognition - it feels great to be recognized by leadership, business partners and peers. It creates an enhanced desire to often repeat the same positive behaviors.

Growth - employees typically want to grow with organizations through stretch assignments, educational support, lateral moves, and promotional opportunities.

Managers, employee learning opportunities and team collaboration - leadership that offers the opportunity for best practice sharing, team collaboration and open communication will create a culture of experiential learning and calculated risk taking amongst team members.

Leader action alignment to company culture – it is not enough to say what your values are. Leaders must display the company values in action.

Wellness benefits - companies that offer employees an array of wellness benefits reflect care for the whole employee and their families.

Work-life balance – companies that embrace offering employees a balance between work related duties and personal time fosters employee attitudes that positively support employee engagement, improved retention and the best level of work employees are willing to give.

Whether you are fortunate to have found a great career or are one of many searching for their next gig, be sure to research the company culture. If you need support with career questions, be sure to register for a free upcoming career coaching session.

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