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June 28, 2023

Summer Skill-Building: Online Courses and Resources to Enhance Your Career

Discover summer online courses to enhance your career in our Skill Building Series. Start your career in an in-demand industry!


It’s summer and a great time to start thinking about what kind of new opportunities will be available on the horizon in the fall. Did you know that many companies start recruiting new talent in the summer months for fall job vacancies. This means that with the right career training, planning and execution you could be ready to take on a new job in an exciting new career in no time. SkillUp has selected five of the hottest careers in the marketplace that have openings, robust training available for little to no cost, some if not all of the training can be done online and are considered gateways careers that can lead to many more career opportunities in the future. Gateway careers have long been respected to gain industry knowledge, build up your professional network and personal brand while identifying future career moves. Let’s get into the five gateway careers starting with Real Estate Agents.

Is This House for Sale?

Answering the question of whether a home is up for sale is one of the many responsibilities that real estate agents tackle. This hot gateway into the business industry career has been at the forefront of the recent housing boom with no signs of slowing down. Real estate agents use critical skills like verbal and written communication, teamwork, negotiation, marketing, market analysis and top-notch customer service to ensure their customers are treated fairly while often making the largest purchase of their lives. To become a realtor, you will need to enroll in a state approved real estate licensing program designed to prepare you for the real estate agent licensure exam. To learn more about the real estate licensing program, visit Kaplan Real Estate Education on Explore SkillUp’s- State Approved Real Estate Licensing website for more information.

Medical Coding and Billing

Another dynamic gateway career, the Medical Coding and Billing specialist is a critical member of the healthcare system. They are responsible for ensuring that your medical records are accurate and accessible to insurance providers, healthcare providers and anyone else that requires access to your health history. This is a great gateway healthcare career that takes anywhere between 2 to 6 months of training to begin working as a professional medical coding and billing specialist. Medical billing and coding jobs are on the rise with an expected 8% increase in jobs in the U.S. over the next 6 years. To learn more about the medical billing and coding program, required training and current job opportunities, visit Explore SkillUp-Medical Billing & Coding.

Electricity Anyone?

The world of electricity continues to evolve especially with many companies searching for ways to embrace sustainable energy practices. Electricians work in the industry of skilled trades workers and as a solid gateway career option, are in even higher demand than in years past. Due to the intense nature of the work, you must be trained as an electrician to successfully handle required tasks in the field that may include installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. Electrician training programs generally take a year or more for completion. To learn more about low cost available electrician training programs, check out Explore SkillUp-Electrical Technology.

Production, Planning and Expediting Clerks

Have you ever considered how goods arrive at the stores you frequent to make purchases? You can thank production, planning and expediting clerks for all the coordination they do to ensure inventory is replenished, stocked and available for consumers in most any retail and warehouse location. What’s more, production, planning and expediting clerks work as part of a larger distribution and logistics plan under supply chain management to ensure customer demands are handled, order fulfillment happens on time and goods are shipped and managed where they need to be. This gateway career can lead to numerous opportunities whether it’s as an individual contributor or in management. Training for this career can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to complete. Keep in mind should you become interested in additional career positions, additional training may be required. To learn more about training programs to support this career, please visit Explore SkillUp-Distribution and Logistics page for more information. 

Graphically Design Your Future

Last but certainly not least, graphic design is another hot gateway career that integrates artistry, technology, marketing, and creativity to develop creative concepts for companies, whether as a freelancer or employee. Graphic designers are needed in most every industry and are relied heavily on to create collateral that will represent the professional brand of businesses. There are several specialties to choose from in the graphic design space from graphic design production, graphic design support and digital and interactive media design, just to name a few. To become a graphic designer, you would need to enroll in a training program to gain specific industry knowledge. If you’re interested in finding out more about this exciting career opportunity, visit Explore SkillUp – Graphic Design page for additional information.

Make a Summer Splash and Decide

After you take that next splash in the pool, take some time to think about what your next career move will be. Planning out your career is always a cool move to make. If you need any help register for SkillUp’s free group career coaching sessions.

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