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July 28, 2023

Skill Building Series: Beyond Boundaries: Navigating The World of Remote Careers

The world of remote jobs is booming. Learn how to navigate the world or remote careers in our Skill Building Series blogs.


The world of remote jobs has heated up and exploded since the pandemic. At this point, many Americans are interested in striking a balance between work and home responsibilities, and for many, remote work has been exceptional in providing a much-needed balance. However, for those that are still new to the idea of working from home, you may be wondering what types of careers can be done remotely and how would you get started searching for those coveted opportunities? If you have had any of those questions pop up as you are pondering career moves, you are in luck. We will outline several careers that are currently able to support work from home environments and don’t require a degree. And if you currently work from home but are looking for ways to transition to other careers that support the work from home movement then you are in the right place.

Remote/Work-From-Home careers

IT Support – the world of information technology support has many areas of concentration. But the one thing they all have in common is the technology that pulls it all together. IT support positions are in great supply and offer candidates the opportunity to troubleshoot company systems, programs, hardware, and software. Many of the solutions that IT Support specialists provide to clients can be done remotely using…you guessed it - software technology making this career choice ideal for working from home.  

Graphic Design – from tee shirts, websites and stationery to billboards, graphic design is responsible for the images you see. Graphic design brings ideas and imagery to life and guess what, this is one of the leading work from home opportunities available and is considered an in-demand career. Employers are constantly looking for candidates who are familiar with web-based graphic design tools to help them provide illustrations that tell the story of their brand and engage consumers. While collaborating with co-workers in an office can be ideal for some projects, much of the work graphic designers do can be done from the comfort of your own home using technology.

Insurance Sales – insurance sales can be done from – you guessed it, home. Now if you’re wondering whether you need to be licensed to sell insurance, the answer is yes. You must be licensed. However, much of the industry standard supports insurance professionals who work remotely whether it is for large insurance companies, brokers, or independent agents. If you are enterprising, self-motivated and enjoy discussing options with customers to help them protect their homes, autos, and their loved ones, insurance sales could be a wonderful remote career opportunity for you.

Bookkeeping – every business needs someone to take charge of their accounting and this is where bookkeeping comes in. By virtue of records being electronically available as well as bookkeeping software, bookkeepers enjoy the flexibility of working from home. If you enjoy working with numbers, have attention-to-detail and have a knack for tracking down data to ensure information accuracy, bookkeeping can be a great career opportunity that lends to flexible work from home arrangements.

The common factor that ties all these career opportunities together is that they can be done remotely using technology. To filter the below careers and more remote opportunities, visit Explore SkillUp-Remote Jobs

1.      Bookkeepers and Accounting Clerks

2.      Insurance Sales Agents

3.      Real Estate Sales Agents

4.      Loan Officers

5.      Medical Records Specialists

6.      Medical Assistants

7.      Logistics Coordinators

8.      Software Quality Assurance Analysts

9.      IT Support Specialist

10.   Computer Systems Administrators

11.   Web Developers

12.   Graphic Designers

13.   Software Developers

14.   Human Resource Specialists

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