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December 21, 2022

Prioritizing your well-being and working to reduce stress while on your job hunt

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In the last decade, talking about mental health has become normalized, especially in the workplace and career-related activities. When you are in a good state of mind mentally, it helps you have a better outlook on life and how you navigate situations. It is important to understand the career and employment topics that can affect your mental health.

When you are focused on a job search, you will experience various emotions. Having the right tools to combat mental health challenges that can arise will help you healthily deal with them and redirect your focus back to yourself and the goal at hand.

We recommend these 5 tips for ensuring your well-being is top priority during the job hunt. 

1. Have a system for your job search and stick to it.
This could be the amount of time you spend searching per day, or the system you use to organize your job search. A routine will take the guesswork out of your job search and alleviate potential stress.

2. Take breaks and stretch!
Did you know a short stretch can ease tension in your body? Remember to take breaks if you tend to sit at the computer for hours.

3. Meditate. It is important to be present so take a few minutes to meditate at the beginning of the day.

4. Phone a friend. Make sure you talk to your support circle, and do not make the job search your only focus. Just like you need work/life balance with a job, you also need the same with a job search.

5. Remember the job search is a process. It can take many interviews to get to the perfect role. The average job posting can see over 100 applicants so patience is key and knowing if one role does not work out, there are many other opportunities for you.

The right job is out there for you, and a job search may feel like a job in itself but with proper balance and being self-aware and mindful, it will not feel as daunting. Self-awareness is key and being kind and patient with yourself is crucial. 

Check out these mental health resources we have curated that offer free and low cost support systems:

  • 13 Mental Health Resources That Are Absolutely Free
    • Oprah shares health and wellness support to help you find community. 
  • 60 Digital Resources for Mental Health
    • This list provides resources (blogs, phone hotlines, diagnostic tools, research portals) for addressing issues ranging from general mental illnesses and disorders to specific needs of diverse populations.
  • Neuro Wellness Spa
    • There are many mental health wellness blogs online, and this resource helps break down the top 100 blogs that provide insight and community to help you achieve total wellness. 
  • Therapist Aid
    • Therapist Aid provides essential tools for mental health professionals, and you can access worksheets, videos, guides and articles to help manage your mental health. 
  • The Mighty 
    • The Mighty is a safe, supportive community for people facing health challenges. The Mighty has different groups where you can connect with others who are facing mental health challenges and learn about what’s new in mental health. 
  • Psych2Go
    • This YouTube channel aims to bring educational information about psychology to everyone all over the world.
  •— 11 Best Therapists to Follow on TikTok
    • You can find credible and trustworthy information on mental health on TikTok! Make sure to follow these therapists for important insight and resources. 
  • Finding Affordable Therapy
    • If you prefer in-person versus digital support, these 6 strategies will help you find affordable therapy in your area. 

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