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October 3, 2023

Leverage Seasonal Work for Networking & Skills Building

Seasonal work doesn't have to be just to make ends meet. Learn how to leverage all your work experience to give you an edge in hiring!


How seasonal work fills in resume gaps, to get an edge in hiring

According to seasonal work does wonders to fill in resume gaps. Every year in the U.S. it is estimated that over 73,000 workers take on seasonal jobs at some of the country's largest retailers, restaurant chains, package couriers, tax preparers, and tech companies. But did you know just how impactful taking on seasonal work can be for you and your career? For many workers, seasonal jobs help them to bridge the gap between family earnings deficits; however, for many others seasonal work provides a low-stakes entrance into a new career path. Moreover, seasonal work has evolved over the years to include in-person work, salaried, hourly, contract and remote-work gigs. Plus, many other job sectors are starting to heavily participate in seasonal work than ever before. If you are on the hunt for a new career, consider taking on seasonal work in an industry that piques your interests. You may be surprised at just how much you will learn and the connections you make can support your future career goals.

Using seasonal work for networking and social capital opportunities for future job connections

Seasonal work has many networking benefits that can go a long way in grooming experience and building social capital all while allowing the worker to narrow down the types of permanent roles they would prefer to pursue. Seasonal work has become such an expected part of the career-building ecosystem that many companies put a considerable amount of their payroll budgets annually to support seasonal hiring. Seasonal hiring is designed to offset the increased productivity needs which tend to occur around key seasons or holidays. Take for example this past highly anticipated summer season and all the vast number of vacations that many families booked to commemorate a summer break. Many hoteliers, airlines and industries that cater to vacationers must increase entry-level workers, leaders, and suppliers to keep up with the demand generated. As a worker looking to take advantage of the robust seasonal jobs during that time and within those industries, researching companies looking for talent would be ideal. As always, put your best foot forward by updating your resume to reflect employer highly sought after skills like adaptability, being a team player and being a good communicator. In seasonal roles you have less time to prove yourself to your employer, taking the time to fully understand the company and their mission can help you prepare for an interview - ultimately getting you hired.

Use skills from seasonal work to add to your resume/experience 

Thanks to major advancements in technology and the evolution of remote work, seasonal jobs across most industries have the propensity to enhance your resume and lead job seekers into fulfilling careers over the span of their working lives. Seasonal jobs once held a slight stigma in times past. Some of the concerns surrounding workers who took on seasonal jobs ran the gamut from career indecisiveness, assumptions that candidates are having a hard time securing a permanent role due to a questionable background to candidates not possessing enough education and skills to support a permanent job position. Seasonal jobs have certainly had their fair share of negative publicity. However, times have changed for the better! More now than ever before it is perfectly acceptable to invest time on various seasonal roles to gain industry knowledge, and forge business relationships. Seasonal work has some obvious benefits that directly link to career discovery – the ability to move around from company to company while developing real-world skills that can supplement years of experience. To get the most out of every seasonal opportunity, work diligently to build meaningful connections and ensure that you satisfactorily do the job as assigned. As you work you will be exposed to many different roles that may be of interest to you in the future. As you develop an interest in a certain field, determine what seasonal and temporary jobs are available. Next, learn the qualifications for a seasonal role in a company you admire or resonate with and apply. Entry-level work tends to go hand in hand with seasonal work due to business productivity needs. Have conversations with leadership to clue them in on your expectations and what you need to further develop your career. Before you know it, you may land a permanent role!

Seasonal work can boost your confidence and add extra income during peak holiday seasons.

Ever wanted to earn some additional change (money) around the holidays but you just were not sure where to start? Ever experience the blues as fall changes to winter and the weather changes from warm to downright chilly?  Seasonal work may be a great way to relieve those blues by snagging a seasonal job in an industry that you may have never considered before. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of lights displays? Interested in helping customers select a new electronics device? During the holiday season there are a myriad of seasonal opportunities and get this, it doesn’t have to be in your chosen career path. Have fun and choose something that will not only put some dollars in your pocket but perhaps a smile on your face and a new experience to add to your resume.

Let’s Sum Up Seasonal Work

Have fun, get creative and find a seasonal job that can help you reach your career goals. Whether you are looking to put some extra money in your pockets during the holidays or improving your skills, choose something that interests you. Above all, enjoy the journey. Have questions about your career? Join one of our group monthly career coaching sessions.

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