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December 21, 2022

Learn how to manage your job search to make the process less stressful and more efficient

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A job search can quickly turn into a job in itself. Many of our workers repeatedly tell us that what helps them be successful (and stay motivated) during a career change, is being organized. There are many components to manage and keep track of in a job search, and having a simple system is key. This blog will help you organize all the activities you need to do during your job search and have a successful job planning strategy.

Here are the most important job search activities:
- Finding jobs - Where are you looking? LinkedIn, Job boards, company sites
- Resumes - Are you crafting a new resume for each role you apply for?
- Networking - Are you networking with people in your industry or companies that you seek employment from?
- Interviews - Do you make notes each time you interview?

One of the best ways to manage a job search is through a simple spreadsheet. You can give each job its column and your notes for each interview. Make sure you track if you have sent follow-up letters, who you spoke to, and when you applied. Also, keep track of the resume that you used for each interview. You should be crafting each resume around each job you apply for.

The easiest way to do this is to have a master resume copy and copy it each time you apply for a new job. Make sure you incorporate the duties and tasks from the new role into your resume. That way, when your resume is being scanned by a hiring manager or an ATS (applicant tracking system), your resume will be relevant and be pushed up.

Along with the management of interviews, you should also be thinking of your management of time. Did you know spending too much time on your job search can make you unmotivated? Try to dedicate no more than 4 hours per day to your job search. This includes networking. Networking can happen in person or virtually, either by talking with professionals in your desired company or career or going to career development events.

Make sure you also are being mindful of your mental health. This can be an easily forgotten aspect of a job search but it is extremely important not to internalize the outcomes of your job search and to be patient.

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