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September 15, 2022

Inside the mind of hiring managers in the current job market

Inside the mind of hiring managers in the current job market

Everyone has questions about recruiters and how to impress them in order to get to the next step of the job hiring process. Unlocking the insights of hiring managers and recruiters in this competitive job market can help you better understand what you need to be successful.

Hiring managers are thinking the same thing you’re thinking

Over the last few years, we’ve all experienced constant change, especially in the employment landscape. New jobs are being created all the time, employers and employees have had to shift to remote work, and advanced technology is changing the way we experience the world. Job seekers and workers have had to develop an adaptive mentality so they can face challenges with a growth mindset in order to move forward. Hiring managers understand that the ability to adapt to change is a skill in itself. Make sure to highlight your successes during this period of uncertainty, so recruiters and hiring managers can see that you can thrive despite changes happening all around you.

If you find it difficult to adapt or understand change, take a look at this theory of change. We experience change in four phases.

  • Phase 1: The first thing we do is panic.
  • Phase 2: Then we learn from change and we adapt.
  • Phase 3: Afterwards, we learn how to find a new normal.
  • Phase 4: Finally, we realize that we wouldn’t want to go back.

Recruiters also understand that job seekers are looking for wage stability and benefits, especially with concerns and uncertainty surrounding inflation. Many companies are responding by increasing salaries and adding benefits, like professional development and monthly wellness programs to attract job seekers. Workers also want companies to prioritize diversity and inclusion in the workplace, so many more employers are adding tangible benefits and programming to meet the demand.

Understanding hiring tools and trends makes a world of difference

Recruiters and hiring managers use a wide variety of hiring tools to find the best applicant for an open position. As a job seeker, understanding these tools and doing the research will help you gain knowledge that can make you stand out and get hired for the perfect job!

HR trends in an ever changing job market: Hiring managers are always mindful of hiring trends, so it is important for you to better understand these trends if you want to be successful in your job search. Hiring managers share job openings internally, as well as externally, so that employees are informed about what openings are available within a company. Make sure to not only look for open roles by location, but by keywords to find some of those opportunities that can seem a little hidden. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies had to shift to remote work, and many are prioritizing a “remote first” culture. Learn skills that can make you a successful remote employee and highlight them in your application.

Know how to properly apply for a job: Companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter through the hundreds of resumes they receive and they vet candidates to find the most qualified applicants. Make sure you are applying for jobs with an ATS friendly resume. Make sure you are using an easy-to-read resume format, remove things like tables and images from your resume, and include keywords from the job description to help make your resume more ATS-friendly. On average, hiring managers may scan a resume for 4-6 seconds, so having keywords and skills in your resume is critical. SkillUp’s resume optimization tool is a great way to make sure that your resume stands out for the job you are applying for.

Ace the job interview: The STAR method is an interview technique that provides a straightforward template for you to answer any questions the recruiter or hiring manager may ask. It helps you lay out a story from previous work experiences in an easy to understand way. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. This method will help you organize your responses in a way that shows your skills, impact, and value that you bring.

Understand how recruitment works and your place in the process

Some recruiters are on a tight deadline to fill a role, making the hiring process swift and quick, while other companies can take longer than anticipated due to circumstances outside of your control. Don’t worry if the hiring process is taking longer than you expected and be patient while still expressing interest in the role.  As you get further in the hiring process, don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary and be prepared to do so by researching compensation using tools like Glassdoor and

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