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March 6, 2023

How To Stack Your Skills To Advance In The Job Market

If you want to stand out as an applicant in the competitive job market, learning and adding both hard and soft skills to your resume is a must. At SkillUp, learn how to use the skills you already have and the skills you recently learned to advance your career.

Learning and adding both hard and soft skills to your resume will make you stand out as an applicant in the competitive job market. Learn how to use the skills you already have and the skills you recently learned to advance your career! 

Feel Confident In Your Career: Stack Your Skills

To thrive in the current work landscape, you have to identify what relevant skills you need in your role and in desired roles, and then become proficient in them. Adding to your skill sets not only helps you be more confident, it also shows future employers that you value learning. It can also help you feel more confident in the job market, even if you don’t have a degree. One of the best ways to keep adding to your skills is through something called “skill stacking.” Instead of focusing all of your energy into mastering just one skill, you can invest your time and efforts into learning a range of skills that, when combined, work well together. Employers not only recognize people who have a variety of skills, but people who are willing to learn and are flexible. 

Skill stacking will help you stand out in the crowd, since the more skills you have, the more valuable you are to a future employer. Using skill stacking can help you find a combination of skills that make you unique, especially if you are on an alternative career journey. No matter what industry you are currently in or are trying to start a new career in, using skill stacking to pursue your career dreams is a great strategy.

Use our platform to help you identify skills needed for desired roles by filtering industries and careers, and then sign up for training to achieve these skills. You can also sign up for trainings that vary in length and that you can then add to your resume.

Job postings are also a great place to find the skills that are needed in an industry or role that you are interested in! If you are looking to start a new career in a new industry, take a look at job descriptions for roles you want and find the qualifications needed. Next, find training opportunities that will help you gain those skills so that you can add them to your resume. When you apply for a role you are interested in, hiring managers will see that your skills match the qualifications of the job description and move your application forward. You can use sites like LinkedIn or Indeed to find desired positions or companies.

Find Training With Us By Using Our Simple Tool

After finding out what skills you need to be qualified for a position, you can find training through SkillUp! Learn about careers in industries like healthcare, technology, business, and more by using SkillUp’s new filtering tool here. The SkillUp tool lets you search salary earning potential in your local area and allows you to learn more about careers that resonate the most with you. 

Finding training opportunities doesn’t need to be a decision you make in one day. The SkillUp training tool lets you not only browse trainings, but save them and send them to yourself via email to explore at a later time. Explore all of your training options with SkillUp’s simple-to-use tool!

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