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July 21, 2022

How To Make Yourself Stand Out To Employers (Especially If You Are Changing Industries)

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You may be a great candidate for the role you are applying for, but you are not the only one. In a changing job market, it’s likely that you are competing with others who are also interested in the industry you are applying for. So what can you do to make yourself stand out to employers—especially if you are changing industries?

Make Yourself Shine In A Sea of Applicants 

Being your most authentic and genuine self can help you shine, even before you apply! By presenting yourself authentically, you may have a better chance of being hired than an equally qualified candidate who is inauthentic in their experience during an interview. 

If you are making a big career shift and switching industries, make sure to show a willingness to learn during the entire application process, from submission to interviews to follow up. Employers are looking for applicants with a “can-do” attitude, and providing evidence that you are willing to learn and prioritize learning in your career can help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

Being You Matters

Being your real self and letting your personality shine matters when applying for a new role. A company that values its employees welcomes authenticity, so don’t be afraid to be your true self. Come prepared with real examples from projects and accomplishments you are proud of. Being realistic about your abilities will show your potential future employer that you are applying for roles that fit well with your strengths, skills, and personality. 

Also make sure to have an answer prepared for this very common interview question—why do you want to work here? Your response should be aligned with your values and the company’s values. Generally, the culture and mission of the company, as well as the nature of the role, should help determine your answer. But make sure that your answer is authentic and genuine to you.

Showcase your Current and Newly Gained Skills - And Your Willingness to Learn!

Have you recently done a training program or earned a certificate that could be relevant to the role you’re applying for? If you recently gained new in-demand skills, make sure that shows not only in your resume, but also in your talking points during the interview. Showing an employer that you are willing to learn and take on new skills helps you stand out from the crowd. You can also make your resume stand out by including recently learned skills and your most relevant experience. Be ready to speak on training programs that you have completed or are in the process of completing. It can also be helpful to speak on what you hope to continue to learn, in order to showcase that you prioritize learning and innovation in your career. 

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