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August 15, 2022

How To Find The Job That Checks Off All Your Boxes (Hint, It’s Not Just About Compensation)

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The excitement of a new career or job can sometimes cause you to go for opportunities that don’t completely align with your values. Finding the perfect job for yourself means evaluating your values and comparing them to job opportunities. A perfect job is one where you feel satisfied and look forward to going to work. Regardless of the different reasons why a job might be perfect for you, it should give you a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Self-Evaluate And Do Your Research When Applying For Jobs

Remember to both self-evaluate your values and research companies and industries that align with what you are looking for. To determine your values, consider taking an assessment or personality test to gauge your interests and strengths, make a list of your current hobbies and skills, and compare past job responsibilities to find likes and dislikes.

To determine which career path aligns with your values, identify which industries you want to work in so you can find dream companies within those industries. Look for company reviews using websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Yelp. Reviews from current and former employers can also give you important insight into the company’s culture. Find reviews from employers who have the same or similar job title to what you are applying for to help you see what the day-to-day looks like in that position and if it aligns with what you are looking for.

Doing research on the company’s website and mission statement can also help you be prepared for any future interviews or conversations you have with them.  Understanding a company’s mission and values can help you determine why you want to work in a particular industry or company. You can determine if you are a good fit for the company by digging into their website.

Benefits Come In Different Forms

For many workers, benefits are one of the most important pieces of a perfect job. But remember that benefits can come in different forms, not just health insurance or retirement plans. Take a look at all of the benefits that a company offers and see if those align with your lifestyle and values. Many companies offer pet insurance and have a pet-friendly workplace, or offer long-term maternity and paternity leave and child care assistance. Something else you want to check are time off policies, as more and more companies move toward unlimited paid time off and flexible working hours.

Companies may also offer professional development, growth opportunities, a living stipend, and even student loan repayment assistance. Along with healthcare coverage, you may find that a company matches employer contributions toward a flexible spending account for any healthcare expenses. And if the job requires you to go into the office, see if there are benefits like a stocked fridge and pantry or free lunch. Some other benefits can include gym access, game rooms, and other membership opportunities. All of these benefits, when put together, really give you a sense of what the culture and values are like at a company.

Network And Exchange Information With Current Employees

Did you know that the majority of Americans find job opportunities through word of mouth? Over 70% of Americans have found their current job thanks to networking and making connections in the industry and at the company they desire to work at.

LinkedIn is a great resource for networking with current employers at the company you are interested in. Find employees on LinkedIn and ask how they got in, how they like their job, and how you can be successful at the company. This can give you a foot in the door and opens up the potential for a referral. You can also gain insight and perspective into your future potential employer.

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