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December 7, 2022

Five Ways to Impress a Hiring Manager

Congratulations on getting an interview during a very intense and unpredictable job market! You should be proud of yourself for moving on to the next phase of the hiring process. The interview is an incredibly important step in the hiring process and while it can feel intimidating and difficult to know exactly what a hiring manager is looking for, you can make a lasting impression in a short amount of time.

1. Do Your Research!

If you understand the company and the role, job responsibilities, and what skills make you a good fit for the position, you will impress your potential employer by being prepared to answer any questions they have. Make sure to also ask plenty of questions about the role and company culture. Having questions prepared shows that you are interested in learning more and engaging further.

2. Be Enthusiastic and Show Who You Are

An interview is a chance to make a lasting first impression, so make sure you let your personality shine. If you are enthusiastic about the role, it is important to show the interviewer how you feel. Relax and be yourself, while staying professional and cordial. Don’t be afraid to gauge company culture by asking questions about benefits, work-life balance, and opportunities to connect with coworkers. Being relaxed during the interview will also help you feel more confident!

3. Know That An Interview Goes Both Ways

When an interviewer is interviewing you, they are not only looking at your skills and thought process, but also checking to see if you are a cultural fit for the organization. Do your research ahead of time and understand the culture by reading Glassdoor reviews, the history of the company, and their mission and vision. Make sure to ask questions to also see if the company culture is a fit for what you are looking for.

4. Participate in the Interview

A great way to show how you work and if you are adaptable is by showcasing your listening and participating skills during the interview. Ask questions, take pauses to process responses, and make eye contact. Make sure to take the time to be thoughtful in your answers to their questions. Additionally, ask the hiring manager about their management style and let them know how you have worked well with their type of leadership style in past roles.

5. Always Be Specific and Relevant

Interviewers are interested in hearing about how your past experience relates to the current role you are applying for. This will indicate to them that you know how to tackle certain situations, challenges, and projects, since you have prior experience. Be specific about why you want the job, and make sure to tie answers back to your past experience. If you can showcase how you solved an issue, discovered a solution, or made a difference in your past jobs, you can impress them with your knowledge and experience!

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