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January 24, 2023

New Year, New Career: Breaking Into the Business Industry with Skills You Already Have

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New Year, New Career: Breaking Into The Business Industry With Skills You Already Have

Breaking into a new industry doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. By taking advantage of the skills you already have, you can find opportunities to transfer them to an industry that you are interested in, such as the business industry! 

Understanding the Business Industry

To work in a business-related role, you must understand how a business works. In a for-profit business, there is a product or service that the company is usually selling to clients and the company has various departments to help operate the business including accounting, marketing, operations, senior management, IT, human resources, and more. Each of these departments require people with skills in those related fields. The great thing about working in the business industry is that many companies use similar technology and software, so it is easy to gain transferable skills. 

Opportunities within the Business Industry

When you typically think of an “office job,” you might think of a professional setting. And what makes a professional setting or office job attractive to many people is that it’s a space where you are able to learn valuable skills that you can take with you into future roles. A professional job in any sector of business can bring you growth, stability, and help you find a promising long-term career.

There are many business roles you can choose from—some of which require a degree and others that do not. Roles within sales, customer success, financial services, supply chain management, and administration are all examples of business roles that do not require a degree, but may require some training. You can use the SkillUp training catalog to filter these roles by duration, cost, and location to find the best option that will help you break into the business industry. 

Leveraging Your Skills for the Business Industry

Skills that many of the roles within the business industry are looking for include communications, time management, financial management, problem solving, project planning, leadership, and negotiation. Make sure to highlight any of these skills on your resume when you apply for roles within the business industry. Each role will also require specific skills or technical certifications, which you can gain through SkillUp’s training catalog. 

The benefit of working within the business industry is that you are able to transfer your skills from one company to another. Plus, learning through hands-on experience will help you gain confidence in applying for future opportunities within the industry!

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