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January 24, 2023

New Year, New Career Series: Breaking into the Healthcare Field

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Healthcare Careers Are Diverse 

There are many jobs in healthcare that are not directly in a hospital setting or related to caring for patients, including administrative, communications, management, operations, and other job opportunities. You may already have skills that match what these healthcare departments are looking for. There are also a variety of specializations, with training opportunities, that can help you to break into the healthcare industry with little to no experience. Whether you have previous experience in an administrative or operations setting and want to venture into healthcare, or you want to work in a hospital or patient-centric setting within healthcare, there are ways to do so with the right training. You can find training programs that fit your needs through SkillUp’s training catalog, where you can filter by price, location, duration, and more. 

Your Resume Matters

The healthcare industry is all about providing the best service possible to patients and their families. So make sure to tailor your resume to be service-focused regardless of what healthcare career you are looking to break into. Healthcare professionals from medical assistants to communications professionals know that having a service-focused attitude can help you become successful. This is an industry that requires employees at all levels to truly care about helping others. If you have worked a frontline or customer service job, you can make this shine on your resume by including service skills such as effective communication, public speaking, problem solving, and time management. Also, be prepared to speak to these strengths during an interview. 

Benefits of Training ProgramsTraining programs do more than provide skills that are useful in the industry. They are opportunities for you to take a peek behind the curtain and learn about the industry to see if it truly is the right fit for you. The benefit of short-term training is that you get more exposure to what it is like working on the job compared to taking a longer 4-year route, via continuing education, where you may be focused on completing required program units before learning the true skills you need for the job. SkillUp’s training catalog is an easy-to-use tool to help you explore short-term training programs for different industries, including healthcare!

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