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June 5, 2024

Best Careers in Seattle That Pay Liveable Wages

SkillUp Seattle helps you find the best careers in Seattle & offers affordable training to get you hired. Explore high-demand fields & launch your dream job today!

Seattle, Washington; June 5, 2024 -- SkillUp Coalition, a national collaboration of nonprofits, training providers, and employers, today announced the expansion of training and career services to Seattle job seekers. SkillUp Seattle surfaces high-opportunity careers, short-term training, and jobs for individuals without a college degree. Through a new partnership with local providers such as North Seattle College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and Seattle Area Plumbing & Pipefitting Industry Training Trust as well as employers such as Accenture, CSAA Insurance, and Verizon, the local career platform now offers expanded training programs and job opportunities.

SkillUp Seattle is a new collection of training and jobs designed to help you launch your career in Seattle. We understand the challenges of finding the right path and training, especially with so many options available.

The Problem: Finding the Right Skills and Training

  • Finding the perfect career path can be overwhelming. You might wonder:
  • What are the hottest careers in Seattle right now?
  • Where can I find affordable, short-term training programs that fit my schedule and budget?
  • What if I don't have a degree, but I want to upskill and launch a new career?

The Solution: SkillUp Seattle

SkillUp Seattle is here to answer those questions! We've partnered with reputable local training providers like North Seattle College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and Seattle Area Plumbing & Pipefitting Industry. These collaborations and many more allow us to offer a selection of programs designed to open doors to exciting new possibilities for you.

No Degree Required:

SkillUp is all about upskilling! We believe that anyone with the drive and dedication can launch a fulfilling career, regardless of their educational background.

What SkillUp Seattle Offers:

Local Job Insights:

  • SkillUp Seattle doesn't just offer training – we provide data-driven insights into the hottest careers in Seattle.
  • We'll help you identify fields with real job growth and highlight the specific skills employers are looking for.

Vetted Training Programs:

  • Forget scouring the web for training options! We've done the legwork for you.
  • SkillUp Seattle offers a variety of affordable, short-term programs that fit your busy schedule and budget.
  • Whether you're interested in real estate, becoming a pharmacy technician, learning the plumbing trade, or developing software, we have a program for you.

Open Job Board:

  • Skip the generic job boards!
  • SkillUp Seattle connects you directly with local employers actively seeking talented individuals with the skills you'll develop through our programs.
  • Our job board is updated daily and example employers include Accenture, CSAA Insurance, and Verizon.
Ready to take the next step?
Find affordable training and local jobs in Seattle.
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SkillUp Seattle is your one-stop shop for launching your dream career in Seattle. We offer local job insights, vetted training programs, connections to employers, and the opportunity to upskill without a degree. With SkillUp, you have the tools you need to thrive in the Seattle job market!

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