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December 21, 2022

Prepare a networking pitch that makes you stand out to new contacts

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Your networking pitch is important because it builds trust and credibility with peers and colleagues, as well as job recruiters and hiring managers. It is your career story as well as personal branding statement all in one. Crafting a networking pitch that you can use when meeting new contacts is a great networking tool, especially if you are looking to change industries or pivot in your career, or even make new contacts in a new environment. It will make it easier for you to talk to people about your career goals and it will tell your story.

When thinking of an elevator pitch, make sure to include details about your professional experience as well as personal details that might relate to your current career, whether it is volunteering in the community or taking on additional training outside of your work hours, and tie that in with what you are looking for in your career present day or why you have changed jobs if you are in a new job. This will help new contacts understand your interests and experiences. Aim to make it short and concise, so it has enough information about you to inform an audience but it is not too long where important details get lost.

The best thing to do when thinking of an elevator pitch is to connect with professionals in your desired space. Is there a particular industry you want to follow or learn more about? Are you curious to learn more about leadership and C-Suite positions? Maybe you’re looking to change career paths and branch into a new industry entirely. Connecting with the right people and following certain topics of conversation can help you not only learn more about an industry or profession that interests you, but help you connect with potential job opportunities. It can also help you finetune your pitch depending on the audience.

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